Rubber belting for the construction industry must be durable enough to enable the efficient movement of heavy and bulky building materials, even within constrained or complex sites.

Lightweight, scaffold-mounted conveyor belts are used to move relatively lightweight rubble, sand and cement around the site. This type of conveyor belt features through-holes, enabling it to be mounted on scaffolding. It needs to be extremely flexible for this type of application.

The individual units are relatively short and easy to handle, with sections that can be locked together to produce long runs, go round bends and up and down slopes – they must be particularly flexible for excavating basements.

Conveyor belts used for basement excavation are made from more heavy-duty materials. They are used for taking concrete rubble and bricks from the basements of houses or commercial premises, commonly when expansion work has taken place.

Like the lighter conveyor belts, they can be mounted on scaffold systems for flexibility, with individual sections linked together to form longer runs, going around bends and navigating slopes.