The recycling industry is particularly tough on conveyor belts, as they are used to transport a wide variety of materials that can cause significant damage – the hard, sharp materials being moved at recycling and waste plants can pierce, cut or gouge the belts. If the objects become trapped, they can destroy the conveyor belt in an instant.

In addition, vegetable and mineral oils, and the numerous other chemicals found in household waste, can cause the rubber to swell and distort. This makes it increasingly difficult to keep the belt running straight and the various layers can literally start to separate. As waste is highly combustible, the belts must have first-class fire-resistant properties.

Resistant to impact, abrasion, cutting, oil, chemical substances and fire, UK Rubber Belting supplies a selection of robust rubber belts for recycling and waste management. We also stock chevron and other profile belts for conveying waste materials up steep inclines.

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