Conveyor belts play an important role in the wood, paper and pulp industry, as they are crucial to many different processes – the industry places varying demands on the conveyor belts and they need to be particularly durable.

Transporting huge items, such as tree trunks, can cause enormous damage, while timber or other sharp objects may become trapped and penetrate the belt. The impact and subsequent ripping and tearing can destroy even the heaviest and thickest belts in an instant. Similarly, the resins and oils found in many types of wood have a detrimental effect on the life expectancy of the belt – over time, the rubber may swell and distort, causing running problems.

With a range of solutions to meet every requirement within the wood industry, UK Rubber Belting has a range of solutions, including fire-resistant conveyor belts. A special carcass construction can successfully handle impact, while our belts with rubber covers have high tolerance to resins and oils.  

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