Black Neoprene ISO0340 Flame Retardant Sheet 60° shore



Technical Data

Specific Gravity1.20
Hardness (o Shore A)60 ± 5
Tensile Strength, (Kgf/cm2), min80
Elongation At Break, (%), min250
Maximum compression set after 24h at 70oC, (%)25
Flame resistance (according to ISO240)Flame persistence (after removing the burner)Max 45s
The flame mustn’t reappear after an air draughtiness applicationMax 15
Antistatic characteristic (according to BS 490)
Surface electrical resistance (Ω), max
3 x 108
Temperature Range-30o to +100oC
Compression Set (70oC for 22 hours), (%)25
Polymer ContentBlend