Cross-stabilised Conveyor Belts

Cross-stabilised conveyor belts are transversely rigid, thanks to the insertion of one or several monofilament plies. This results in a stabilised and well-tensioned belt.

Our cross-stabilised belts have monofilament insertions underneath the top or bottom cover. Alternatively, they can have all the insertions under the same cover on request.

Perfectly compatible with sidewalls and cleats, this belt does not have a trough shape. The maximum width of the UKRB-TRANSBELT is 1,600 mm. It comes with or without moulded edges. The quality of the rubber covers complies with DIN 22102-1 – 91 – W – X – Y – Z.

Commonly used in applications where heavy product loads are carried up to an inclined angle of 75 degrees, this belt is popular for use in areas where space is at a premium and steep incline angles are required to carry out efficient operations.

Width [mm]800-1600 for moulded edges±1%
500-1600 for cut edges
Top coverOn customers demand±0.2
Bottom coverOn customers demand±0.2
Number of insertions monofilamentone or two 
Number of piles2-5 
Length [mm]On customers demand 



 Ply EM80/03Ply EM80/06Ply EM80/08Ply EM123Ply EM160
MaterialPolyester PolyesterPES 1100/1 PES Ø0.80PA 66 3700 DTEX MONO PES Ø0.80Polyester PolyesterPolyester Polyester
 – warp
 – weft
Structure of Ply/dm70
 – warp
 – weft
Tensile strength warp N/mm8030160150210
Tensile strength weft N/mm40901109690
Weight, dipped g/m2 310380670±10720845
Thickness, mm0.450.751.211.25

Quality of rubber covers as per to DIN 22102/1 -91 – W – X – Y – Z.
The maximum width for the belt is 1600 mm with or without moulded edges.