Drum Lagging

Drive drums are lagged to provide traction, with the aim of stopping the conveyor belt from slipping. There are several options for drum lagging in industry, including plain rubber 60 shore, providing extra protection from wear for tail drums and clean side snubs. Plain rubber 40 shore is ideal for its anti-caking properties when it comes to dirty side snubs.

Diamond lagging, using diamond-patterned rubber, has become the recognised industry standard. It is cost-effective and in most cases, it can be added on-site. The minimum curing time is eight hours, so there is relatively little downtime.

Ceramic lagging can be used where extra traction is required, in instances when belt slippage is a problem and standard lagging is not enough. Ceramic tiles with a raised profile pattern are made into a rubber backing. They are embedded into the underside of the belt, providing positive, non-abrasive traction.

Ceramic Drum Lagging

Rubber Drum Lagging