Food Quality Conveyor Belts

Food contact rubber belts are specially engineered for conveying groceries and other general use products such as: fruits, vegetables, poultry, meats, fish, grains, nuts, candles, cereals, bread, tea, pharmaceuticals, etc. they also feature good abrasion levels and good weather resistance.

They are also used in a large variety of fields such as: sugar refineries, grain industries, canning factories, chocolate factories and bakeries; they are manufactured to meet the standards for food transportation (international standards for the transportation of food).

The carcass is made of polyamide / polyester (EP), polyester / polyester (EE), polyamide / polyamide (PP) fabrics.

DimensionsWidth, mm500 – 1600 ± 1%
Thickness of belt, mm4 – 24
Thickness of covers, mmOn customer’s demand
Deviation from thicknessbeltunder 10mm± 1 mm
over 10mm± 10 %
rubber coverunder 4mm– 0.2 mm / +free
over 4mm– 5 % / + free
Length, mOn customer’s demand
Characteristics of InsertionsInsertions number2 – 5
Types of insertionEP 80EP 100EP 125EP 160EP 200EP 250EP 315EP 400
Tensile strength, kgf, (for 50mm * 200mm)longitudinal50065080010001200150020002200
Adhesion, kgf, min.between plies5
between insertions and rubber coversunder 1.5mm3.5
over 1.5mm4.5
Edgescut edges
Surfaces – both surfaces covered   – one surface covered and the other uncovered
Breaking force of conveyor belt, (kgf/cm)It is given by the type and number of insertions