Friction Plates

Friction plates for conveyor belts are manufactured from a metallic plate which is 2mm thick, covered by a layer of vulcanised rubber. Its surface is patterned with different shapes and the surface of the drive pulleys must be patterned.

Depending on the diameter of the drum, the metallic plate is curved, while the metallic surface is protected from the weather by a layer of paint.

Friction plates come in a choice of widths and two lengths: 180mm and 384mm – the rubber is 15mm thick. The client chooses the characteristics of the rubber mixture.

 Length (L), mm384180384
Width (l2), mm14214291
Thickness (h), mm151515
Width (l1), mm12012073
Height (h1), mm222
Height (h2), mm333
Metallic SurfaceProtected from weather by a layer of paint
Metallic PlateIt is curved depending on the diameter of the drum
AspectSmooth surface


Hardness (°Sh A)65±570±570±5
Tensile Strength, (kgf/cm2)150130120
Elongation at Break, (%)450300250
Abrasion Resistance, (mm3)150180200
Protecting the environmentThe rubber mixture is not dangerous for humans or the environment