Impact Bars

The impact of a large-sized material falling from a height can damage your conveyor belt and idlers in the surrounding area. Providing cushioned support at the load point prevents the belt from buckling at the impact point of the material between the adjacent rollers. This permits a continuous skirt line to be maintained, significantly reducing spillage of materials.

Every impact bar has a top made from low-friction UHMWPE, aimed at minimising belt-bar drag. Assembled on a rubber cushion to absorb the impact, it is commonly mounted on a steel support cradle-type arrangement.

We offer a full range of sizes and would be pleased to assist you with any enquiry.

With numerous benefits that significantly reduce the impact damage caused to conveyor belts, impact bars are manufactured from 60º Sh.A shore hard rubbers to fully absorb the impact, minimising the spillage of materials. Easy to install, they are of a modular construction.