Pipe Conveyor Belts


Often, industrial or mining applications require the transport of large masses of material on an inclined plane in narrow spaces or tight curves. In these conditions the UKRB-PIPEBELT can assure steep transport, (angles up to 30º), without losing material due to the special configuration which effectively seals the overlap area.


  • Covering large distances without intermediate transfers.
  • Protection of transported material against degradation or volatilization.
  • Protection against dust or strong odors given off by substances transported.
  • Avoiding the spread of carbon dioxide.


  • Mining
  • Cement factories
  • Steel plants
  • Power plants etc.
Pipe Conveyor Belts


In the loading zone the UKRB-PIPEBELT troughs as a standard belt, but after loading, special drums shape the belt into a tube with overlaid edges. The conveyed material is completely isolated into the tube. The hexagonal drums keep the belt closed along its path. Close to the end of the conveyor the belt opens, becoming a standard trough belt sustained by 3 drums, it then goes through the last straight in order to download the material. On the way back the belt closes again, remaking a tube with overload edges.

The UKRB-PIPEBELT belts are available in a range of cover qualities: Y for general use, W for very abrasive materials and G for transporting glossy materials. Also, they can be temperature resistant, flame resistant or resistant to other factors according to customer needs. These belts are manufactured in a wide range of dimensions, on demand.

Conventioanl Conveyor Line
ADHESION (N/MM) – DIN 22102/1
Between fabrics 5
Between fabrics and rubber:
Thickness of the inner layer rubber between 0.8 and 1.5 mm 3.5
Thickness of the inner layer rubber bigger than 1.5 mm 4.5
WIDTH (mm) On customer’s demand (600-1300mm) +/-1%
THICKNESS (mm) Top cover On customer’s demand -0.2mm/ + unlimited
Bottom cover On customer’s demand -0.2/ + unlimited
Total thickness On customer’s demand (8-20mm) +/- 1mm thickness < 10mm +/- 1% thickness ≥ 10 mm
NUMBER OF INSERTIONS LENGTH (mm) On customer’s demand (between 2 and 5 insertions) On customer’s demand