Repair Patches

UKRB’s conveyor belt repair service provides a permanent, long-lasting patch system, formulated for aggressive adhesion and a rapid cure time. Providing an extended shelf life for the belt, our patches are perfect for on-site repairs.

A homogeneous mix of neoprene and premium natural rubber will withstand the “wear and tear” environment of mining sites. With an extra protective layer of high-grade polyethene, our patches are suitable for on-site cold repair bonding.

The repair patches come with optional fabric reinforcement, offering a balance between economical and durable repairs for puncture or gouge damage, in addition to longitudinal rips. They can bring the belt back into service in a relatively short period of time, avoiding excessive downtime for your business.

On-site repairs are carried out without any damage to the conveyor belt, comparing favourably with other mechanical fasteners. The original belt can remain in use, which is a more cost-effective solution.

Technical Specification
Specific Gravity Hardness (+/-5) Tensile Strength (min) Elongation
gm/cm3 Shore A kg/cm2 %
ASTM D297 ASTM D2240 ASTM D412 ASTM D412
1.2 65 170 400

General Sizes

2.3mm (3/32″)
3.7mm (5/32″)
130mm x 160mm
200mm x 260mm
270mm x 360mm

Rectangular Long Strips

4.6mm (3/16″)
1.7mm (1/16″)
70mm x 10000mm
100mm x 10000mm
150mm x 10000mm
220mm x 10000mm
300mm x 10000mm