Rough-top Conveyor Belts

Rough top conveyor belts have a wide application range. Suitable for conveying easily-deformable or fragile goods such as parcels, paper sacks and cardboard boxes, particularly on conveyors operating on an incline, unlike smooth conveyor belts, the rough-top belts have covers that provide maximum grip to the goods being conveyed. They will cushion the load, absorb vibrations and minimise any impacts.

The belt covers have a rough rubber print on the top cover. This is applied through a special manufacturing process using impression fabric that is similar to a mould. The back of the belt comes with or without a rubber cover – known as a fabric-back or dry-back belt.

For good tensile strength and low elongation, the carcass usually consists of two, three or four plies of synthetic polyester-nylon (EP) fabric.

Available in a selection of widths, ranging from 500mm to 1600mm, our belts are manufactured with moulded or cut edges and are usually supplied with DIN Z, DIN Y, or Grade N covers for general applications.

Special compounds including MOR are available on request.

Rough Top Rubber Matting
Width [mm]500-1600 cut edges±1%
Number of plies2-4 
LengthOn customers demand 
CharacteristicsValues Type Z According to DIN 22102/1-91
Tensile strength, (kgf/cm2), min150
Elongation at break, (%), min350
Abrasion, (mm3), max250
Textile ply/Type of textile plyEP100EP100EP125EP125
Number of plies3223
Drive pulley200160200315
Return pulley200160160250
Adhesion, (kgf/cm), min5
 – ply – ply3,5
 – ply – rubber4,5
a) range 0,8-1,5 mm