Rubber Rings

Rubber rings are used to protect the metallic conveyor rollers. They also reduce the drag of the conveyor belt’s system while it is functioning.

Manufactured from a mixture of SBR (a general use rubber) unless the client requests specific special characteristics, the rubber rings are resistant to air and water in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +70°C. However, they cannot withstand contact with oil-based products – so they cannot be used in underground mines.

Correctly-spaced rubber rings contribute significantly to eliminating the build-up of scale that can form in certain conditions on the belt’s surface. They can help prevent the wear and tear.

Particularly useful if the materials are sticky and at risk of adhering to the conveyor belt’s surface, they can also help to prevent the straight tracking of the belt from being compromised by the type of materials being conveyed.

 Interior Diameter, mm108
Exterior Diameter, mm180
Height, mm160
AspectWithout faults
Based on SBR
Hardness, (°Sh A)65±5
Tensile strength (kgf/cm2
Elongation at break, (%)200
Density, (g/cm3)1.3