Steel Cord Conveyor Belts

Our UKRB steel cord conveyor belts will convey bulk materials for long distances in extremely tough conditions. Primarily, they are used in the mining industry. Mainly used in the quarry to transport raw materials from the excavators to the discharge site, they can also be used in other areas of activity where a durable conveyor belt is required.

We supply steel cord conveyor belts with a wide range of cover qualities. Our belts are manufactured to the DIN 22131-88 standard. The covers have the following characteristics:

  • W meets standard DIN 22131-88, providing a cover with high abrasion resistance;
  • X also meets standard DIN 22131-88;
  • Y complies with standard DIN 22131-88 and is for general use, with good tear and abrasion resistance;
  • K meets standard DIN 22131 and is a flame-resistant cover.

They are available in the following resistance classes: ST 800; ST 1000; ST 1250; ST 1600; ST 2000; ST 2500; ST 3150 and ST 4000. If you require ST 4000, please contact our sales department for more information. UKRB belts have a maximum width of 2,000mm.

General characteristics of steel conveyor belts

Cord diameter (mm)3.853.854.55.855.857.08.09.0
Cord pitch (mm)1512141512151515
Covers thickness (mm, min)4444455.56.5
Belt thickness (mm)On customer demand
Cord breaking force (Kn, min)
Adhesion rubber / cord (N/mm, min)7070858585100110125
WidthDeviationNumber of Cords
650± 74251444051404040
800± 85264555064505050
1000± 106581696481646464
1200± 107897847797777777
1400± 12901149890114909090
1600± 12104131112104131104104104
1800± 14117147127117147117117117
2000± 14130164141130164130130130