Textile Insertion Conveyor Belts

General conveyor belts convey loose and bulky materials under typical working conditions. They are suitable for a wide range of industrial processes.This type of belt is widely employed in quarrying, construction industry, steel industry, chemical industry, cement factories, in temperatures ranging from -30 to +70°C. The rubber covers are manufactured according to DIN 22 102 (X, W, Y, Z grades) or on customer’s demand.The carcass is made of polyamide / polyester (EP), polyester / polyester (EE).

Product Characteristics

Width (mm)

covered edges


800 – 1800 ± 1%

cut edges


500 – 1800 ± 1%

Thickness of belt (mm)  4 -24
Thickness of Covers (mm)  customer demand

Thickness deviation


under 10mm

± 1mm

over 10mm

± 10%
Length (m)  customer demand
Insertions number  2 – 6
Characteristics of insertionsType of insertion EP80EP100EP125EP160EP200EP250EP315EP400EP500
Adhesion (kgf/cm) minTensile strength (kgf)longitudinal500700800100012001500200022002800
(for 50mmx200mm)transversal250250350380500500500500500
between plies 5        
between insertionsunder 1.5mm3.5        
and rubber coversover 1.5mm4.5        
Edgescovered edgesFor added protection, the edges are moulded entirely with rubber covers.
cut edgesThe impregnated carcass is completely waterproof and impervious to the ingress of liquids. Thus, cut edges do not represent a risk to belt life.
Surfacesboth surfaces covered
one surface covered and the other uncovered
both surfaces uncovered
Breaking force of conveyor belt (kgf/cm)It is given by the type and number of insertions
GroupTypeStandardTensile strength min, daN/cm2Elongation at break, min (%)Abrasion loss, max (mm3) 
1xDIN 22102/1-91250450120These types of rubber covers have characteristics that provide: very high abrasion resistance and cut-and gouge resistance as well as weather resistance. They are employed for heavy impact, large sized lumps and sharp materials. 
2yDIN 22102/1-91200400150The grades of the rubber covers are widely used for general conveyor belts and have superior resistance to abrasion, weather, cutting; they are suitable for handling crushed rocks, limestone, coal and slag.
3zDIN 22102/1-91150350250The grades of the rubber covers are widely used for general conveyor belts at standard quality.
4wDIN 22102/1-9118040090These types of rubber cover have a very high abrasion resistance (less than 90-mm3-abrasion loss), assuring the belt’s long lifespan. It is recommended for transporting abrasive materials as well as glass, granite and other abrasive substances.