UKRB-Trile is nitrile based rubber formulated specifically for good abrasion resistance in the presence of oils and chemicals. UKRB-Trile has excellent resistance to high temperature working temperature, thermal ageing and fatigue.

Only nitrile rubber has excellent oil resistance but has poor performance when used in high abrasion resistant application. UKRB-Trile is not suitable in oil immersion uses or application.

Abratile Applications

  • Grain handling systems
  • Linings in fertilizer works
  • Pump linings and impellers
  • Sand processing circuits where oil-based reagents are used

Technical Specification

HardnessTensileElongationSpecific GravityTearSwelling
Shore AKg/Cm2 (min)% minKg/Cm3Kg/Cm%
55 +/- 51307001.12525